NZ FB Info Hub App - Stay up to date!

The New Zealand FB App has had a makeover! The Fletcher Building Info Hub (formerly the COVID-19 Support Hub App) has a refreshed look and feel and NEW login information.

The app is available to ALL New Zealand-based wired and unwired employees and features:

  • daily news
  • CEO + business updates
  • help with your health and financial wellbeing
  • info on FB offers and sweet employee benefits
  • and other stuff that will exclusive to the app.
We need your help!

The app is still a work in progress. Over the next few months we'll be asking you for your feedback, which will be your chance to be part of the change and help build an app that suits you. Tell us what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see in the app. Tap the Welcome tile on the app landing screen or tell us below.
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Get onboard!

Step 1


The app is available for Android or Apple smartphones through the Appranet App.
If you already have the Appranet app downloaded (FB Covid-19 Support Hub App), you can go to 

Step 2
If you haven't already, download Appranet for your smartphone, for iOs and Android.

Apple App Store >>
Google Play >>

Step 2

Sign in with the information below:
Step 3

There'll be new and exclusive information on the app regularly  - make sure you don't miss out on new updates but setting up your notifications.
To turn on notifications

Tap the menu

Scroll down and tap the cog (settings)

Turn on notifications.

Need help?

If you have any questions or need some help, let us know!

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