Fletcher Steel Challenge

#1 – Boredom Buster – entries close midday Tuesday 14th - NOW CLOSED

Wei Tsai

Kirsty Dougherty

My eldest Jordan has been covering up eyebrows and repainting bananas…. It certainly helps keep us amused.

Mical Hall

Danny Moore

Filled in a few hours with the kids, making the fence a bit brighter.

After we did this it turns out the rest of the neighbourhood has chalk - footpaths and fences are all colourful around the district now.

Louise Gould

Before level 4 was announced I had started preparing the possibility of isolation as a single mother of two boys, 12 and 8.

While others were running around getting loo paper, I was preparing room for our 2nd fur baby, 4 years after the loss of our first. With working full-time I just didn't have the time to devote to a puppy. "light bulb"

Dog rescue shelter / Kmarts pet department  and Dinsdale vets. These were my Pre lockdown shopping choices.

This is HarleyQuinn, a Sharpei Rhodesian pit bull who is our boredom buster!

She has definitely helped my boys mental state and mine.

We have crate trained her, toilet trained and fetch. Next week we will try to fetch a beer from the fridge!

Best idea ever, looking forward to introducing her to the Hamilton team, who get updates via FB.

Stay safe - Louise Gould - Easysteel Hamilton - at home. 

Annie Screech

This is my husband and little boy riding his motor bike around the garden. 

Rachel Houghton

I like to think I'm a monumental pain in the arse to my husband, Graham, most days. But during confinement with two little kids, you have to get a bit more active in being the top jerk. Enjoy the video. God knows I have. Many times. 

Happy isolation!

Lorna Craw

1 out of 4 sheep ready for the freezer…….yum

Corey Gilmore - WINNER

Hi, this is my entry for boredom buster. Built this chicken coop from scratch with wood brought from PlaceMakers the day before lockdown. 

Robert Ulugia - WINNER

Kirsty Dougherty

So I asked Chad to get his Grandmother’s old dining table out so I could do some work on it…. Nec minute he has spent almost all of his spare time working on it over the last week… Whoop it’s come up sensational.

Marcelo Porta - Cardboarding

Ian Lowe

So apparently some people count sheep to make them sleep? Why not use the “count the sheep in the picture” as a family challenge for the lockdown blues? There are different levels for different ages and prizes can be given for the one’s who can count the correct amount the quickest J…I am happy to verify the correct amounts in the pictures as obviously I’m currently at expert level now after two weeks or so of counting them haha!! Accuracy is required and great prizes are on offer for the quickest counting times when we are back at work of course and there must be clear evidence of the counting!

Ian Brawley

No time to get bored, the wife has had me splitting firewood last 5 days. So far I’ve filled 15 fruit bins. Still have about another 5 bins of wood to go 😢

Will Newton-Hill - WINNER

We decided to take the museum challenge to recreate art from normal household stuff.  

The Newton-Hill family 

Arja 11
Charli 10
William & Jaimi

Kitty Zhang

Home Physio Station

Sonia Nesdale


Hope you guys are having fun and staying out of trouble in your bubbles.

Here’s some more photo’s for you to have a laugh over, I mean my contributions for the boredom busters comp

Me dusting off and attempting to skateboard again, a true comedy act I tell you

Linking test certs in the new portal while watching TV


Sonia Nesdale

Devon Paku

Hi, pls see attached photos of my boredom buster. Dying my hair from black to blonde to silver-ish.

Thanks 😊

Lisa Miller

Hi Team,

Please find attached a photo of my entry for the Boredom Buster Competition.

It is a hand beaded star with approximately 1165 beads (1mm in size) and 12 metres of thread which took around 6 hours to complete. I plan to hang it somewhere on my desk when we return to work.

Thank you for running these fun competitions during this time and giving us a way to stay connected.

I hope you and your families are well.

Kind regards,

Lisa Miller

Emma White

A couple of things we’ve been doing here to bust the boredom. 

Playhouse: My partner, Phil made up a Playhouse and castle extension for our daughter Alba to play in. We haven’t decided whether to paint or colour it in yet, but our daughter loves all the secret cut out doors and the windows so she can hide with the family cat and spy on us when we are having a quiet sit down. 

Cut outs: Then we used cardboard cut outs of our hands and feet to do colouring in on. Nails mostly! 

Red: Trying to teach my daughter her colours at the moment. So we thought up another activity and used our instant camera to go around the house and garden to take pictures of all the things that were one colour. We decided to choose red and have placed them all on the red paper so we can reference them when we are doing our colour learning. 

#2 – Foodie Challenge – entries close midday Wednesday 15th - NOW CLOSED

Mike Reeve - WINNER

Simple fare whilst on my roster

Breakfast Pancakes: 1 banana, 2 egg only wee number

Though got the eye roll when offering up to said significant other with the following descriptive sales pitch;

 “Plated with fresh organic rasberry, coupled with a locally sourced blueberry array, then  dressed with fine authentic Canadian Maple jus........”  🙄😀👍

All about the upsell.. 😀

Brenda Walters

Sunday’s have become rib day at our house as Rory managed to score a few racks before the lockdown. This Sunday he also tried his hand at making KFC buns and they did not disappoint! Along with home made coleslaw and good old kiwi ETA potato salad.

Rebecca Stewart

I am definitely being rolled out of isolation….

Its ok to have cake at 8am isn’t it, if it has fruit on it it kind of counts as breakfast right? Don’t want to let the ingredients go to waste… and by that I mean the 6 cakes of dark chocolate and the 1 of white that went into the cake.

Maybe the prize could be a gym membership BAHAHA

Kirsty Dougherty


Heather Longhurst - WINNER

Attached is a photo of my entry.  It was my Mum's 92nd Birthday on Monday so I decided to bake her a cake for her to share with caregivers and residents. 

She has been in lockdown at Grace Joel Retirement Village since before the government imposed lockdown.  I dropped the cake off to a newly created security at the entrance then went round the back and rang her from the footpath where she could see me from her 3rd floor room.

She's certainly experienced a lot in her 92 years!!

Heather 🤗

Rachel Houghton

I reason my long suffering husband stays with my painful self is because I love cooking. 

Nearly every morning I make breakfast burritos. This morning I fried up mushrooms, zucchini and red onion with Moroccan seasoning. On the wrap I started with baked beans, the fried mushrooms, scrambled eggs and topped with capsicum, a sprinkling of raw red onion and coriander. Rolled them up, fried them in the same pan that I rocked the mushrooms so that flavouring would fry onto wrap. 

Once the wraps are browned on each side, plate up and served with mayo and hot sauce. 

Burritos are great for any leftovers you have. Once you figure out the rolling, a fried burrito is a brilliant meal. 

Happy isolation!

Ian McClew

You can't tell from the photo, but this meal was cooked to perfection. 

Cheers Ian McClew 

Ian Davies

A lot of time and effort for me to make this loaf ,some really tough morale decisions were to be made sacrificing one of my Beer stocks, well one bottle anyway.

Must admit it was nice toasted, and a bonus no one had food poisoning.

Chelsea’s lock down loaf


Prynhawn Da  (Good afternoon in Welsh)

Shae Roberts

Some home made hot cross buns us and the kids put together for the Easter weekend. No raisins, no probs... choc chips instead. 👏🏼 

Kirsty Dougherty

When your favourite takeaways is no go… make your own 😊

Heather Prouse

Homemade pumkin Soup with Beer Bread  

Kitty Zhang

Easter Lunch

Jade Talbot

Home made rice bowls with a side of dumplings. Can’t claim the dumplings as home made but still yummy. 😁

Minoo Siganporia

My pictures of Flan. Caramel custard. 

Sonia Nesdale

Evening again,

Here’s my entries for the foodie challenge

Banana, blueberry and white choc chip cupcakes/birthday cupcakes for my cousin (he loved the photo and I enjoyed eating them haha)

Feijoa and Apple crumble with cream


Sonia Nesdale

Minoo Siganporia


I baked a Lemon cake this morning. 



An Yang


Please see attached my entry to the Foodie Challenge—a home baked sponge cake coated with cream cheese frosting, and some frozen berries for decoration:)

Thank you and take care!❤

Emma White

All sweets, no savoury here I am afraid.

First is our banana loaf made with Wholemeal Flour as we couldn’t get plain flour from the supermarket. Surprisingly wasn’t a bad swap out! We topped it with dark chocolate chips and it was delicious!

Then we have the cupcakes I made with our daughter, Alba. It was a basic vanilla cupcake box mix but added mixed spice and ginger to the dry mix and then added mini gingerbread men cake toppers on top of the ginger and cream cheese frosting. YUM!

Then we have our Easter chocolate cake. And we made chocolate egg rice nests to go on top of the chocolate frosting. As there is only 3 of us in our bubble we only ate through half of it and the other half is safe in the freezer so we can enjoy at a later date. 

Kirsty Dougherty

We have been really enjoying being able to make the things we don’t have. The supermarket sold out of bagels….. So lets make some 😊 We then turned them into homemade hamburgers. So yum…. And so much nicer homemade without all the added preservatives!!

Rita Huang

Ian Brawley

Herman Haneck - WINNER

Top left: bagels. Top right: Pumpkin and bacon ravioli.

Bot left: Pastafrola (with homemade quince paste). 

Bot mid: Arancini (made with peas risotto). 

Bot right: Burgers with homemade buns.

Scott Richardson - WINNER

Howdy team ,

Round two :

A butter chicken made from scratch

Big feed of homemade sushi for 5 ( which got inhaled by the 3 x teenagers )

My first ever chocolate cake for the kids birthday yesterday ( which got inhaled by the 3 x teenagers )

Cook needs a drink !


#3 – Easter Traditions – entries close midday Thursday 16th - CLOSED

Michael du Plessis

Introducing, freshly baked hot cross buns! 

Happy Easter and stay safe

Darryn Creahan

My Daughter Bren making Easter gifts for grandparents after I cut some trees down

Emma White - WINNER

My daughter wanted to colour in an egg for the window, after watching the news and PM Jacinda’s advise on how to safely celebrate Easter. But in this case I had to be productive and draw one up myself as our printer wasn’t working.

After colouring in we placed in the window for our neighbours and people passing of driveway to see.  Our Welsh Teddy, Tom Jones is also in the window next to it!

In addition a family tradition is to make up Chocolate Rice Nests with Eggs on top. This year we placed some of the nests on our chocolate cake for Easter Sundays after dinner treat.  

Rita Huang

Garry De Silva - WINNER

This is the palm Sunday mass on line still following our start of easter tradition due to covid 19 ..green leaf from the backyard will do..Garry de Silva (PCC)

#4 – Best video in lockdown - entries close midday Tuesday 21st

Tanya King

My nearly three year old Oakley singing I love you all lockdown to me 🥰❤️

Rene Preston

Robert Ulugia

#5 – Words of wisdom – entries close midday Wednesday 22nd

Nicky Young

Hi guys

One of my all-time favourite phrases:

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

Attributed to both John Lennon and Allen Saunders, so not sure who should get credit!

“One Day at a Time” and “The Only Way is Through” also seem quite relevant at the moment J

Hope you’re all safe and well.



Louse Gould

Simba Narasimha Jagadeeshan

Hi there

My entry is

“Tough times never Lasts but tough people do.”



Steve Haines

Hi all

Here’s a couple of entries for consideration:

Entry #1

“Position your business as a painkiller, not a vitamin. “

The more problems there are, and the more uncertainty is created, the more customers desire solutions.

If a company can position itself as an effective remedy for an immediate pain, crisis becomes a powerful growth opportunity.”

Entry #2

“There are many who give advice, but few who offer guidance. Be the guide.”



Shaun Marsh

Words that should be taken with caution from your teenage son. 

“Dad, I can be trusted to trim your hair!”

He is still laughing.....

Scott Richardson

Vinnie Guppta

“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle. For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

#6 – First thing you’ll do after the lockdown - entries close midday Thursday 23rd

Vinnie Guppta


Sonia Nesdale


I’ll be heading straight to the Mountain biking tracks at the Redwoods in Rotorua followed by Burgerfuel and drinks at the beach on the way home 🚵‍♀️🍔🍸


Sonia Nesdale 

Garry De Silva

To have a nice hair cut after lockdown😊💈✂💺💈..Garry de Silva (PCC)

Scott Richardson


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