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Fletcher Building Covid Vaccination Mandate

Collection of Vaccine Passes

Dear all

I hope everyone had a relaxing break and was able to spend time relaxing and catching up with friends and whanau.

As you  will all be aware the Fletcher Building vaccination mandate was confirmed prior to Christmas and will come into force on 15 February, by which date  all NZ Fletcher Building employees will need to be fully vaccinated against the COVID 19 virus.

The Steel People and Performance team now need to validate all vaccination passes for all employees. We have already received a number of these  - thanks to those that have forwarded them through, it is making our job much easier.


  1. A copy of your vaccine pass  can be sent to
  2. We will upload this information into Workday.
  3. Once uploaded we will provide acknowledgement.

For those employees who are choosing not to get vaccinated or to disclose their status we will engage with you to ensure you understand the implications. Similarly, if you believe you qualify for a medical exemption we would appreciate if that information can be provided so that we can ensure you are clear on how this process works.


James McIntosh

Head of People and Performance | Fletcher Steel

Confirmed Fletcher Building Covid Vaccination Policy

Hi team

Ross Taylor has made an announcement on matrix today regarding the proposed Fletcher Building Covid mandate – please see as per the link  Matrix - Proposed vaccination procedure decision (

His update confirms that the NZ Covid-19 Procedure will come into effect on 20 December 2021, in line with the FB Group Policy. The effective date of the vaccination mandate is 15 February 2022 (the date by which people need to be fully vaccinated) so between now and then we will be asking you all to provide proof of your vaccination status.

In this update you’ll also find a link to the  final versions of the documents, including additional feedback themes, while FAQs are available here: COVID-19 ( This has been updated with answers to many of the questions raised during the consultation process. As example, you will see that there is more detail around the exemption process, and working from home, as two examples.  The documents have also been loaded to this page for you to access above this message.

I know this has been a difficult time for some employees in Steel as it is a very personal issue  – again as per Ross’ note please ensure that if needed you are utilising the resources available, such as EAP.

Kind regards

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

Proposed Group Policy and NZ COVID-19 Procedure

Key Dates

Thursday 25th NovemberCommence seeking feedback from our people
Thursday 25th November - Wednesday 8th DecemberFeedback period
Wednesday 8th December (5pm)Feedback Closes
Thursday 9th - Wednesday 15th DecemberConsideration of feedback
Thursday 16th DecemberConfirmation of outcome announced

Feedback update on our Proposed Covid-19 NZ Procedure

Hi team,

Please see the note below from Ross regarding the proposal on Covid vaccinations & testing. I’ve appreciated all forms of feedback we’ve received so far, please continue to provide your thoughts over the coming week and keep up the respectful conversations that are happening around the business.

Noho ora mai

Adrian Blake | General Manager
Fletcher Steel

Hi everyone, 

We’re now halfway through the two-week feedback period on the proposal for all Fletcher Building people in NZ to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and to introduce testing at certain sites.  Understandably, these are important issues that many people have been keen to express their views about. 

It has been great to see the feedback from those of you who have already made your voices heard. The majority of the feedback received so far is very supportive of the proposal, but I’d also like to acknowledge those of you who have expressed your concerns and reservations.

Many of these concerns are about the importance of having choice.  While I do acknowledge this view, having assessed the risks involved, we believe that ensuring our workplace is fully vaccinated so we are as safe as possible for our team mates, outweighs this.  I think it’s important to consider that these are unique times where we have to make some big decisions to strike a balance between the sustainability of the business, the good of our community and people’s desire for individual choice when it comes to vaccines. 

I’m glad to hear that we have been engaging in conversation with constructive debate which sounds aligned with our values and reflective of a strong culture where we can talk with each other about what’s important.

Given New Zealand’s move to the new ‘traffic light’ alert system on Friday and the emergence of new variants overseas, it is more important than ever that we use every tool at our disposal to keep our people and workplaces safe.

We know that most of our team will have already received at least one vaccination.  However, whether you have been vaccinated or not, we still want to hear your views. This includes from people who are in favour of the proposal along with those who have questions or suggestions for improvement.

Along with the feedback, we have also received a few questions based around some common themes which are on peoples’ minds.   I’ve provided my view on some of the most frequently asked questions below. You can also find a list of Q&As in the proposal summary document.

Why do I need to be vaccinated to do my job?

Covid-19 is becoming widespread in our community and the chances are, it will enter our workplace. As it spreads, it is highly likely our people and others we deal with in our lives and as part of our work, will be exposed to the virus. So, the requirement to have fully vaccinated people is the strongest tool we have available to ensure the safety of our colleagues, to protect them from infection and transmission as best we can. 

Why do people need to be vaccinated if they predominantly work from home?

We are fostering an ambitious culture which includes ongoing training and development and where teamwork is important.  We want our people to have a good level of interaction with their teams and colleagues.  So, while some of our people work from home some of the time, all roles involve time working outside of the home, coming into the office for team meetings or attending training; we want to make all of this as safe as possible 

What sort of testing are we planning on using (eg nasal or saliva)? 

I appreciate the thought of testing can be a bit nerve wracking for those who’ve only heard of or experienced the more invasive nasal swab testing which is generally administered at testing stations and GPs.  The testing we would be using is a self-administered swab inside the nose that doesn’t reach as high as traditional nasal swab testing. The technology developed makes it very effective and will provide a result after 15 minutes.  We are piloting this approach on some of our sites at the moment and I can reassure you that the pilot is getting positive feedback from our people once they have seen and experienced the process. 

Why aren’t we mandating the vaccine in Australia?

We strongly support vaccination, but we need to adapt what we do across different regions in response to local conditions. As an example, in Australia, vaccine mandates are much more Government-led. This means that almost all of our operations there have already been captured by the Government mandate.  Queensland is an exception with their very low daily case rate, however we are watching this closely and will amend our approach as needed. In contrast, the NZ Government has generally encouraged our industries to mandate vaccines themselves. 

Will this proposal apply to boosters on an ongoing basis?

If the procedure is implemented, you may be required to receive any booster shot that is recommended by the Government or public health officials. We will regularly review the procedure as the situation continues to develop and talk to you about any updates or requirements that may arise.

Finally, we’re committed to supporting any of our people who are concerned about the proposal by providing guidance, help and answering questions where needed.  All our people have access to EAP Services we also encourage our people to utilise the support resources available on the Matrix Wellbeing Portal and the Employee Hub app.

Thank you to everyone who has made their views known already and also to our leaders for the job they have done in leading conversations with respect and care.  I look forward to reviewing further feedback and sharing more information with you on the outcome of the process on 16 December. In the meantime, please reach out to your manager or P&P manager if you have any questions.


Ross Taylor | Chief Executive Officer
Fletcher Building

Fletcher Building Covid-19 policy proposal

Hi team,

Ross Taylor has made an announcement on matrix today about a Fletcher Building Policy Proposal which would require anyone who works on our sites to be fully vaccinated.

Matrix Link:

[Also posted below for this message for those who don't have access to Matrix.]

I know across the business there will be a range of emotions and reactions to this proposal and I would really encourage you take time to review the policy and provide feedback over the next 2 weeks. There are a number of ways you can provide feedback, and please do check in with your manager or the People and Performance Team if you have any queries. I know there is a lot of information to absorb but this proposal is important for us as an organisation.

I’m very mindful that for some employees this as deeply personal matter. I understand that and ask that we respect everyone’s views – we may not always fully understand each other or agree, but we are all entitled to our views. It’s times like these we can refer back to the Fletcher Building Values and an important chance to ensure we “Play Fair”, “Care for Each Other” and “Put Yourself in their Shoes”

Noho ora mai

Adrian Blake | General Manager
Fletcher Steel

Proposed NZ procedure for vaccinations - Ross Taylor

Hi everyone, 

In 2021 our people have endured various lockdowns and restrictions as Covid-19 Delta spread in our communities in Australia, New Zealand and across the South Pacific. Unfortunately, even with these restrictions in place, Delta has continued to spread in our communities.

As we have said many times, and as you have shared with us through the #mywhy campaign, vaccines are an important action we can all take all protect ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. 

We are committed to getting vaccination rates as high as possible in a way that is appropriate in each region that we operate in and for the environments in which our people live. As such, because of varying government approaches to mandatory vaccinations, we need an approach in each country that is tailored to local conditions. 

With this in mind, we are proposing to implement a new Group-wide FB Covid-19 Policy and a NZ Covid-19 Procedure. The Group Policy supports our overarching management of the health and safety risk Covid-19 poses across the Fletcher Building Group (including Australia and the South Pacific). While the proposed NZ Covid-19 Procedure sets out the specific control measures we are considering implementing across our New Zealand operations. The two documents work together so it’s important they are read alongside each other.

A proposal for mandatory vaccinations for our people in NZ

In New Zealand, as we move into the next phase of the Covid-19 response plan, we will inevitably see increased movement within our communities, with more people returning to work and interacting with others. We anticipate that our people, and those we deal with during the course of our work, will be exposed to Covid-19 outside of work, which greatly increases the risk that they may bring Covid-19 into work with them.

In addition to this, we are seeing a significant government push on vaccinations and strong support for a business-led approach; in fact, many in our sector and our clients have already mandated vaccinations. Against this background, we have reviewed our current health and safety controls. 

As a result, we are proposing to introduce a requirement for all New Zealand based Fletcher Building team members, temporary agency workers, and internal contractors (i.e. sole traders or people engaged to undertake work in one of our teams) who perform work on any of our sites and workplaces to be vaccinated. In addition, we are proposing to implement Covid-19 testing as required. Both control measures are set out in the proposed ‘NZ Covid-19 Procedure’.

Given the above, today, we will begin an engagement process with all our people, and internal contractors (individual person engaged to undertake work in one of our teams), on the proposal where we will be looking for feedback. 

In developing the proposal, we looked carefully at the risk posed by Covid-19 and the potential ways we can manage it. We concluded that in order to safely perform their roles, anyone who works on our sites, in our workplaces (including offices), or out in the community, should be vaccinated. This will give us confidence that we are reducing the risk of our people getting infected and further reduce the risk of our people requiring hospitalisation (or worse).

While some of our people work from home some of the time, all roles involve time working outside of the home, coming into the office for team meetings or attending training. Therefore, these team members are still at risk of exposure to Covid-19. Given this, we believe it reasonable and necessary that they be included in the proposal.  

We recognise that most people are already vaccinated and will be supportive of the vaccination programme; some others will regard this as an infringement on their personal choice. However, we believe that most people want to come to work secure in the knowledge that their workplace is fully vaccinated and that vulnerable friends and family are protected.  

We also acknowledge that a very small number of people may have genuine medical reasons for not taking the vaccine. In such cases we will be working hard to accommodate those with an official medical exemption to ensure they can continue working at Fletcher Building. 

Next Steps

I would like to encourage everyone to participate in the feedback process for this proposal. If you are already vaccinated, thank you; we appreciate that you have already made the decision keep yourselves and your loved ones safe. If you have already had both vaccinations and support a move to mandatory vaccinations we still want to hear from you, because it is equally important that listen to those who support the proposal as well as from those who have concerns, questions or suggestions for improvement.  Full details of the proposal and instructions for providing feedback will be available through your P&P manager.

The feedback period begins on 25 November and will last two weeks. Once it closes, we will pause and genuinely consider all feedback provided. At this stage, we believe we will be able to communicate the outcome of the process on 16 December 2021. This will be communicated by email or e-text to all team members.  

We want as many people as possible to be vaccinated, particularly those who work alongside our teams on a regular basis and therefore are a high risk of exposure to our people. This includes external contractors, suppliers, consultants, subcontractors, visitors, clients and customers. If, after engaging with our people, we decide to mandate vaccinations, we will also engage with our external supply chains to share our decision and require that they comply and support this as a control on our worksites as of 14 March 2022.

In addition, if we decide to mandate vaccinations, all visitors (excluding retail or trade customers, members of the public or contactless delivery services) would be required to be fully vaccinated before entering our workplaces/sites.

If the proposed procedure is implemented, we would ask our people to provide proof of their vaccination status by Monday 14 February 2022 to either their manager or P&P Representative. All vaccination information would be securely stored in accordance with our obligations under the Privacy Act 2020.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your hard work through what is a busy period and also for your continued focus on keeping our people and workplaces safe.


Ross Taylor | Chief Executive Officer
Fletcher Building

Fletcher Steel Covid update: Employees Impacted by Covid - benefit for vaccinated staff

To all employees

You’ll all be aware that there has been a lot of  media coverage around how organisations are responding to COVID in the workplace.   While  there has been government direction in some areas, at the same time many  businesses have been assessing the options available to them. This week, there was a further apparent mandate from government for some workplaces, that we’re still working through to understand what it means for us.

Fletcher Building's position has always been very clear. In line with Government advice we believe that vaccination is the best way forward and have been encouraging all employees to get vaccinated. The Government’s announcement at the end of last week has only reinforced how important this is. This announcement confirmed that we need to get to 90%  full vaccination right across New Zealand before we might see any lifting in restrictions.

Covid is a serious health and safety risk, and as an employer we’re obligated  to take necessary steps to keep our workplaces safe. While we are not currently mandating the vaccination, we want to take steps to incentivise all employees to get vaccinated.

To support this,  guidelines have been provided which will come into effect from 1 November 2021.  

These guidelines will, in defined situations,  provide for employees who have been vaccinated and are impacted through COVID, to receive their normal pay.

We believe this approach will help  incentivise everyone to get vaccinated, but also recognise those who have been vaccinated and their contribution towards ensuring our workplaces are safe.  While we respect our people’s personal choices, we strongly believe vaccinations not only save lives, but keep our workplaces, teams and communities safe.  We’ll continue to support everyone to get vaccinated, and encourage our teams to discuss any questions, or to provide the support they may require to get vaccinated. We understand some employees may have exceptional circumstances that mean they are not able to be vaccinated. We are committed to engaging with them and identifying the options available to them.

Please find attached a summary of the guidelines –  should you have any questions please contact your manager or the Steel People and Performance Team.

Noho ora mai

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

22nd September 2021

Hi team,

Many of us will be feeling pressures, emotions and uncertainty today, particularly the Auckland teams returning to work for the first time in 5 weeks. As well as affecting our mental wellbeing, these feelings can also put us off our game and create physical safety risks in our workplaces. I have seen some wonderful emails and messages being sent out in areas of the business calling out these challenges, and asking for patience, respect and understanding as teams work through start-ups, covid protocols, backlogs and all the chaos this lockdown situation brings. I’ve also heard from the safety team, about how staff already at level 2 have faced some of these issues over the last few weeks.

We want to make sure each and every one of our sites and people have the opportunity to take a little time, to work through how we are going to support each other through this. If you haven’t already, use your next toolbox to talk about some of the challenges and differences about working in the current environment, and try to include some of the other cross-functional teams you work with regularly.

Some things to consider – all these could potentially impact or lead to a safety incident

  • Adjustments in mental & physical work readiness
  • Working through backlog/product shortages – for example pressure to get product from Auckland
  • Relationships with customers
    • Communicating and managing site requirements/ Covid-19 protocols
    • Delays and backlog 
    • Customer pressure/frustrations

What can we do?

  • Speak up
  • Ask for help
  • Work together
  • Take your time
  • Resist pressure – your safety comes first!
  • Celebrate the good stuff

Our values give us some great guidance at times like these:

Never walk past - look out for each other

Speak up & take action - ask for help

Care for each other - mental & physical challenges people will be facing now

If you have any good ideas from your site that we could share or use elsewhere, please shout out!

All the very best today

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

20th September 2021

Hi everyone,

With the announcement this afternoon that Auckland is moving to Level 3 from Wednesday as hoped, we can look to getting all of our sites up and running again. Some teams will start to prepare sites and review safety plans tomorrow, in preparation for operations on Wednesday. If you can do your job from home, you will continue to do so.

It is a little bit different from previous level 3 times in that we are not at zero cases yet. Therefore we will be taking extra precautions in Auckland such as:

  • Meet physical distancing requirements of 2m where possible and 1m where it is not
  • Make sure staff, customers and visitors wear a face covering
  • Have extra hygiene measures in place
  • Undertake mandatory record-keeping and contact tracing
  • Adhere to rules about travelling across boundaries
  • Avoid staff going to multiple sites (some of the engineering team exempted)

Please respect and be patient with the Auckland teams as we get back up to speed – there will be some backlogs to work through and the COVID protocols mean we are not as efficient as usual. However I’m confident we can safely get stuck into our work and start moving some steel!

Have a good one,

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

17th September 2021

Ahiahi mārie - good evening

It’s been a productive week across Steel, with the regional branches getting through strong volumes and PCC humming along nicely with excellent compliance to Level 4 protocols – a big shout out and thanks to all those who are making it happen!

We are hopeful of a move to level 3 next week, so will await the government announcement late Monday afternoon before landing on a more detailed plan for the coming weeks.

On a light note, hopefully you saw the steel competition for the coming week – the good, the bad and the messy! – as per below, send in evidence of the chaos at your place and be in to win. For a bit of inspiration, here is my shocking workspace at home… the Easysteel Auckland team will know this is par for me…!


We know that lockdown is the perfect opportunity to tidy up and reorganise our lives – but we don’t want to see that! We want to see mess and mayhem!  There are no rules apart from lots of mess, so show us your messy desk, pets, kids, OR any space in or outside your house! The messier, the better!

Email it to and the messiest picture will win a $50 prezzie card!

This competition closes on the 24th September, so get in quick!!!

Noho ora mai,

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

10th September 2021

Hi team,

Over the last week we’ve been replanning for the rest of the financial year, given the losses Fletcher Steel has incurred over the last few weeks. Promisingly, our regions at level 3 & 2 are trading well, although with some limitations given not being able to source product from Auckland. Additionally, PCC this week received a government exemption to operate, and joined the parts of Easysteel & Fletcher Wire that have been supplying essential services all the way through level 4. This is so important for our recovery, and thus being able to continue to support our team members who work in sites we cannot yet open. To that end, we are able to commit to extending normal pay until September 21st for those staff who don’t have work available due to level 4 lockdown. Again, thank you for the commitment of all of you working at our sites or from home whilst maintaining safe Covid protocols – your efforts mean a better result for the business and the ability to best support everyone, through this lockdown and (hopefully not needed!) for any future business disruptions or lockdowns.

Given the alert levels likely to limit large gatherings for some time, we have sadly decided to cancel our steel manager’s conference in October. However, we will still be celebrating our Steel awards in some form – we’ve extended the nomination period for a further 2 weeks, please fill in the simple form here to let us know of who you think deserves recognition for their work and living our values.

Also, please read through CEO Ross Taylor’s note below – a nice callout there for us collectively getting PCC up and running again.

Noho ora mai

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

Hi everyone,

I hope that those of you outside of the Auckland region are enjoying the newfound freedoms of Level 2 this week, and for those of you in Auckland remaining in Level 4, thank you for continuing to do the hard yards to keep the country safe.

It has been good to see a few things moving in the right direction this week with many parts of the country opening up.  In terms of our own business, on Wednesday, the Government introduced an exemption order approving four of our Auckland sites to restart manufacturing and distribution under Level 4.  This is a good outcome for us and for the country more broadly, particularly given the building supply chain issues that have been occurring.  I’d like to thank the team who was involved with engaging with the Government on this issue and also all our people who are returning to work across these sites as we restart operations.

It’s through this good work and against the background of more sites starting up, that we have decided to extend the 100% normal pay for those who don’t have work available, due to the lockdown, through to 21 September. For those of our people who are able to return to work or can work from home, we ask that you continue to do so.

However, despite the encouraging news, there’s no doubt that the lockdown continues to impact our business, resulting in significant losses over August and September with revenues down by well over 40%. While the financial strength we have built up over the past three years has given us the resilience to support our people over the lockdown, it’s critical that we now focus on getting back up to speed quickly and closing the gap in our budget.  We are anticipating a surge in demand as our customers try and catch-up with their own work backlog in what’s likely to be a very busy market.  So, we need to focus all our efforts in meeting this demand as we head into the second quarter of the financial year.

There is still a great deal of uncertainty around how the next few months will unfold and the danger of future lockdowns remains.  In fact, the only tool we have available to avoid disruptive and costly lockdowns is by driving up vaccination rates.  Getting vaccinated is the key for society to open up and for us to be able to offer a sustainable and predictable work environment.  Given this, the strong message is to please get vaccinated and encourage your friends, families, and colleagues to do likewise.

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that we have organised an exclusive online session for Fletcher Building people with All Black legend and mental health advocate Sir John Kirwan next Thursday.  Sir John will be giving us his unique perspective around dealing with the challenges of lockdown.  In addition, he’ll be talking about some of the simple steps we can all take to focus on our mental health and wellbeing.  He’ll be joined by a small panel of our own GMs so we can hear from some of our own leaders and ask any questions. Look out for more details around how to attend on Matrix and via your own business unit.

Wherever you are, I hope that you and your loved ones continue to stay well, and if you’re returning to work this week, please do so safely.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Best regards

Ross Taylor
Chief Executive Officer | Fletcher Building

Share your "Why" and Win!

#MyWhy Competition Details

Share with us the reasons why you’re choosing to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and you could win!  

You may want to use a picture of your beloved family and friends, or pet, your latest at-home project, a wild adventure you have in the works, or a video of you doing something you love.

Send us your 'Why' and you’ll be in the draw to win weekly $100 Prezzy cards. Also all entries will be in the running to win the grand prize of an iPad Pro. Details on how to enter below the video from Ross Taylor CEO of Fletcher Building sharing his "Why".

The competition is open to everyone at Fletcher Building in New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific. Entries close 29 October. Each person can only enter once.

Enter via Email

1) Take a photo OR film a short 30sec video of ‘Your Why’ for getting vaccinated.

2) Send photos to or send videos to by uploading it at,  AND include:

Your business unit
Description / Caption
Best contact info

3) Share with your work colleagues!

7th September 2021

Hi all,

We’ve just received some good news, in that the government has granted an exemption to PCC to begin manufacturing under Level 4, supplying into any level 2 or 3 areas. Two other Fletcher Building businesses, Winstone Wallboards (who make GIB) and Tasman Insulation (Pink Batts) have also received exemptions. We are just clarifying when we can start producing, but our aim is to begin preparations tomorrow with a view to manufacturing this week and dispatching from Monday; Easysteel slits coil for PCC so this operation will also be running. At this stage, the government have specifically noted roofing coil today to be a product that is required in level 2/3 areas, but not as yet any other steel products – hence our other Auckland operations will for now continue with only essential service supply.

We have very strong EHS and Covid protocol plans ready to go for these sites. The safety of our people is our top priority, and the strength of these plans is one of the reasons the government has granted this exemption to operate.

Elsewhere, it’s great to see a move to Level 2 from tomorrow. Deb and the EHS team will provide an update as to how we will work under these revised conditions shortly.

Onwards and upwards!

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

3rd September 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope most of you have knocked off work now and are looking forward to the weekend – for our Whangarei team now at level 3, I imagine some fish and chips might be on the cards!

We are continuing to work on establishing an exemption for some of our Auckland sites to operate more fully, as we can see significant supply issues and constraints for the industry as a whole should manufacturing and distribution of products that are only available ex-Auckland not start up soon. For the business to best support all our people and customers, the sooner we can operate again the better.

There are also a few exciting projects on the go whilst the lead team is working from home, I hope to share a couple of these with you next week.

Have a good one

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

31st August 2021

Hi team,

To a good part of the country, welcome back to Level 3! I know this may not be a major change for many of you, but to have some portion of our operations back up and running is excellent news for the overall health of the business. Take your time to re-induct safely, and please put special effort into communicating with customers and colleagues given our service levels won’t be what everyone was used to.

There has been a heap of work going on across Fletcher Building over the last few days, to ideally get clarity on whether our Auckland operations can open under Level 4 protocols, where needed to support our Level 3 customers and branches. Unfortunately the guidance from government to FB remains unclear - having reviewed the updated health order issued by government on Tuesday 31st August, in relation to Level 4 manufacturing and distribution, we are not satisfied that our Auckland plants can operate whilst the region is at Level 4. As such, for now we will only be continuing essential business supply from our Auckland sites.

We are aware some other businesses have interpreted this guidance differently and are operating at a higher level out of Auckland from today. However we will continue to seek clarification with government over the next 48 hours and then accordingly either move to fuller operations to service Level 3 regions, or remain shut down except for essential service supply.

This is a cautious approach as we continue to do our part in limiting any spread of Covid-19, however as other information comes to hand we will adjust as appropriate, whilst maintaining our strict adherence to applicable health protocols such as social distancing and hygiene.

Thanks for everyone’s willingness to do all they can to get things going again, we will get through this and like last year come out of it stronger!

Noho ora mai,

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

30th August 2021

Hi team,

As expected, the government has confirmed that south of Auckland, NZ will be going to level 3 from Wednesday. Hopefully Northland will do the same from Friday. All of our sites will be able to operate on level 3 covid protocols, as we have done several times in areas over the last 18 months. Look out for specifics as to your site and role.

Auckland is likely to remain at level 4 for another two weeks. We realise that many of our sites around NZ rely heavily on Auckland-based businesses to be able to operate effectively or source stock. We are working through what options we have to deal with this situation, as well as the critical need to prevent any further spread of covid-19. I’ll keep you updated.

Noho ora mai

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

27th August 2021 - Additional update regarding pay

Hi team,

I’m very happy to be passing on the confirmation that everyone will be receiving normal pay despite the level 4 lockdown, through to 14th September. The move of some areas to level 3 next week, with sites returning to operation, is very helpful in mitigating the losses Fletcher Building incurs through this lockdown period. Similarly, the great work done to make sales to essential services throughout Steel has given confidence to FB. Thanks to all of you working at home and in essential supply throughout level 4, it’s important we continue this, safely, as required over the coming weeks.

We had previously committed to paying everyone who is not able to work due to the lockdown until 31 August. The new details are as follows:

  1. Those of our people in regions under Level 3 will largely return to work from Wednesday under normal pay.  However, in some cases we will need to make adjustments to scheduling and health & safety practices to enable safe working protocols under Level 3 conditions as operations ramp up.  Your manager or supervisor will let you know about your work arrangements next week. Regardless, you will be paid your normal pay. As a reminder, the general rule is that if you can work from home, you should do so  It has been a while since we’ve been in this position, so you can refresh your knowledge here with this link: Alert Level 3 protocols.
  2. For those of our people in regions under Level 4 and who are unable to work due to the lockdown, you will continue to receive your normal pay for the next two weeks up until 14 September. Those of our people who are able to work, either from home, or essential workers, please continue to do so.  We will continue to monitor the situation, taking into account decisions from the Government, and review again before 14 September as more information becomes available. 

Again, have a good weekend, this news is certainly a positive start!

Have a good one

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

27th August 2021

Hi everyone,

A bit of a mixed bag with the government’s announcement this afternoon regarding alert levels.

For us Aucklanders and Northlanders, it looks like a fair way to go with lockdown level 4. We are still confirming pay arrangements after the 31st of August for this group and will communicate this as soon as we can.

For the rest of New Zealand, it’s a positive step to move to level 3. That means all our businesses in this area will be up and running from Wednesday, under strict level 3 protocols. We’ll be reminding everyone what these protocols are for each site on Monday, as we start to prepare for reopening.

For now, enjoy your weekend, although it might not feel all that different to the week just gone!

Noho ora mai

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

24th August, & Steel awards nominations open!

Hi all,

The Fletcher Steel Award Nominations for 2021 are now open!

Every year since 2016, we as a team have been celebrating all the great work that has happened throughout the business. Given the current situation and all the challenges we have faced in our industry over the past year, it’s now more important than ever to celebrate the wins that we’ve shared, and the people who have gone above and beyond to make them happen. A vital part of us becoming “Better Together” is recognising the mahi and dedication of our peers. With that said, you can nominate anyone that you believe should be recognised for their contribution to the business and the team here!

Nominations will close on the 10th of September.

I’m very keen to see nominations from every team in the business, and hear some of the special stories that deserve recognising from the last year.

Also, it’s a good time to check you have the FB Info Hub app up and running  -  it  can be downloaded either via the QR code below or going into the Apple or Android app stores

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Have a good one

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

23rd August 2021

Kia ora,

Not much to report today with the extension of level 4 to at least Friday for NZ, and at least next Tuesday for Auckland.

We remain hopeful at least some of the country may move down to level 3 next week – if so we’ll remind everyone of the protocols that need to be followed in the workplace.

Later this week we’ll send out the monthly comms, look for the link via text or email.

Noho ora mai

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

20th August 2021

Hi all,

It’s been an up and down week that’s for sure – I hope you and your families have got through it okay and are adjusting to the lockdown. It’s really important you look after yourself, your friends and loved ones at this time, do look at some of the wellbeing resources sent our yesterday and feel free to reach out to anyone in the ‘steel family’ if you need some support.

It is an unsettling time, so to give some certainty to everyone, Fletcher Building has confirmed we will continue to pay normal pay for permanent and fixed term employees who aren’t able to work during the lockdown, until August 31st. Those of you who are able to work from home, or are supplying essential services, will continue to work during the lockdown and hence receive normal pay as usual.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on government guidance and communicate to you our responses accordingly. With the extension of national lockdown until at least Tuesday night, we’ll continue as current with sites only opening for essential service supply or receipting stock from ports. Thank you to these teams for ensuring safe protocols, processes and documentation are followed, please keep up this diligence!

We are aware of some businesses in the steel industry opening and operating at a higher level, however given current government advice and supporting a precautionary approach to this Covid outbreak, we are comfortable with our position. We’ll review this as and when the government stance or alert levels change.

Please also continue to do your part to help the national response to Covid. One handy tip is that you can find a list of latest ‘locations of interest’ under the dashboard tab > more info on the Covid app. Also, remember that most vaccination sites are still operating through the lockdown, it’s easy to book online.

Although it might not be quite how you planned, enjoy your weekend!

Kia kaha

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

18th August 2021

Hi all,

It’s been a busy day as we’ve been working with several customers who are looking to continue operating under essential business status. This means we will have a few sites operating with skeleton crews in the coming days, to keep these important services going. Rest assured we have strong covid protocols in place to ensure the health & wellbeing of all working teams, as well as specific site safety plans for this mode of operation.

Thank you to the Auckland Easysteel NRDC team who have been unloading and receipting stock from the port today, as well as the site leads who have ensured our premises are secured and safe.

Also, please do let your manager or EHS rep know if you are either an identified close contact of a Covid case, or have received a positive test for Covid. This is simply to ensure the best possible support for you whilst minimising the further risk of transmission.

Tomorrow we’ll be confirming plans for how we will operate if we have one part of the country at level 4 lockdown, but other areas back and working.

Noho ora mai,

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

17th August 2021

Evening team,

It’s been a hectic few hours with the sudden move of the country back into lockdown – I hope you all got home okay, and thanks to our people still working to safely shut down our manufacturing lines and sites.

The most important thing for now is to ensure you and your families are prepared for the few days ahead and can safely isolate, whilst the country can hopefully work through the impact of this latest community case rapidly.

Please read the note below from our CEO Ross, there is comforting news there with regards to normal pay continuing for the currently announced lockdown period, and some good reminders of some of the wellbeing resources we have available.

In terms of Fletcher Steel, you may recall we had several sites partially operating during Level 4 lockdown last year, supplying essential services. We understand the current short lockdown will be much stricter on who can operate as an essential service, so on Wednesday 18th August (tomorrow) all sites will be shut as we confirm if any of our customers have official permission to operate and hence require us to continue supply. The only currently known exception is receipting product coming off the wharf, to keep the essential ports operating – your manager will have been in touch if this affects you.

I’ll be in touch again tomorrow with any further detail that comes to light.

Noho ora mai

Adrian Blake
General Manager | Fletcher Steel

Hi everyone,

Earlier this evening the Prime Minister confirmed that Auckland and the Coromandel will be entering a Level 4 lockdown for at least seven days. The rest of New Zealand will enter Level 4 for at least three days.  Full details of the announcement and the restrictions under Level 4 can be found here.

Obviously this is news that no one wanted to hear but the hope is that by acting swiftly to eliminate the virus, New Zealand can minimise any impact and avoid an extended lockdown.

The situation is evolving quickly but we would like to confirm the following in relation to pay and work arrangements:

Nearly all of our NZ operations will be closed from midnight tonight and our people will not be able to attend our workplaces.  Where you can work from home, please do so. If you are unable to work from home, please talk to your immediate manager or supervisor about your specific situation. For example, in some cases, people will be required to support our facilities to shut down safely.

All our people, regardless of whether they can work from home or not, will be paid at their normal pay for the duration of this initial lockdown (seven days for Auckland and the Coromandel and three days for the rest of NZ). We will review the situation once we have a clearer picture of what happens next.

It’s important to note that the situation in New Zealand is different from Australia in that our Australian operations have largely been able to continue operating under the various lockdowns.  I appreciate that some of our people in Australia have been stood down, but for the most part, we have managed restrictions without having to execute widespread national business unit shutdowns.

The most important thing we can all do now is to follow the Government’s guidelines in terms of staying isolated within our bubbles, using the contact tracing app and practicing good personal hygiene.  If you were in or near one of the locations of interest listed by the Government, don’t hesitate to self-isolate and get tested.

Many people will naturally feel anxious and uncertain as a result of tonight’s announcement.  Please remember that there are a range of wellbeing resources available on Matrix which you can find here.

If everyone plays their part and follows the guidance, I’m sure we can overcome the current challenges, just as we have in the past. Please continue to look after yourselves, your colleagues and your friends and family members and remember to check in regularly, particularly on those who are on their own.  


Ross Taylor
CEO | Fletcher Steel


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