Easysteel plays key role in Milmeq's major breakthrough technologies

Milmeq is a global leader in technologies for the protein processing industry – exporting to customers around the world and winning a string of business and innovation awards.In recent times, Easysteel has played a key role in further developing one of Milmeq’s major breakthrough technologies.

Milmeq designs and manufactures specialist capital plant equipment for the production of meat and other primary produce. Most of Milmeq’s 150 strong team are based at their manufacturing site in Dunedin, with business operations run from Auckland and Brisbane. The company has a proud history of innovation - dating back to the 1950s - when it set out to improve refrigeration for New Zealand’s burgeoning primary-produce exports. Today, Milmeq is one of the few companies in the world that provides total solutions for end-to-end processing.


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