Fletcher Steel welcomes CSP Pacific

CSP Pacific is the latest member of the Fletcher Steel Division, having moved from the Building Products Division at the beginning of this month.  

The Fletcher Steel team have welcome CSP Pacific and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for the business. 

“The move to bring CSP Pacific to the Steel family of businesses will open up the opportunity to review all steel sourcing and maximise the support CSP Pacific receive in many areas of the business,” says Neil Watson, Fletcher Steel Head of Marketing and new Head of CSP Pacific. 

The business operates a hire service for roading safety products, fabricates lighting poles, road barriers, wire rope system barriers, multi plate steel culverts and masts for a variety of projects. 

“Gemma Collins and the team have left some solid foundations after a very difficult period of minimal NZTA work that came out of the blue with no notice,” says Neil. 

“The team has also positioned itself to be a key supplier to a major NZ Crown project called RCG (Rural Connectivity Group) to ramp up the number of multi-plate culverts being specified in New Zealand and to relook at its lighting pole offer.

“It’s a great team and we are all looking forward to the Government opening the purse again with NZTA work.” 

CSP Pacific are based in Onehunga, Auckland behind the Easysteel Plate processing facility on Nielson Street and they also have a branch in Hornby, Christchurch. 


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