#INNOV8 Sculpture for HERA Future Forum Conference

Pacific Coilcoaters, otherwise known as ColorCote, were approached by the Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA) to participate in making a sculptor for their Future Forum conference held in February, which was based on the emphasis on innovation, along with other HERA members.

The sculpture spelt out #INNOV8 as above

The contributors for the sculpture were:

# Manukau Institute of Technology

I Steltech Beams

N ColorCote® & Roofing Industries

N HERA innovation in metals

O Dixon Stainless

V Black Steel Mobile Fabricators

8 Grayson Engineering

Pacific Coilcoaters approached long-time customer Roofing Industries in Hamilton to make the “N” out of downpipes in 6 of our most popular colours. The sculpture had to be 1.2m high, 1m wide and no more than 600mm deep.

The photos show what the Roofing Industries team came up with. The tricky part was making the angle connectors to get the 45-degree bend. The 6 colours were joined with brackets and Steve Haines, Sales and Marketing Manager, organised the ColorCote® stickers.

HERA’s Marketing Manager, Kim Nugent, said that the artwork certainly delivered in its purpose to stimulate conversation, showcase the great works and creativity our industry truly has.

HERA are also in the process of drawing up plans to have this artwork displayed out the front of HERA House in Manukau City for all to see. 


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